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You must find a probate attorney in San Antonio who will help you with a last will and testament, and you must find a law office that supports other areas of practice. You may have your will written by a probate attorney, or you may bring a will to the attorney to push it through the probate court system. This article explains how you will get wills handled by an attorney who does this work every day.

#1: Your Own Will

You must have your own will written and witnessed in your lawyer’s office. The will must be written to circumvent arcane rules in the area, and your lawyer will record the witnesses so that they may be found sometimes several decades in the future. You will walk away with a copy of the will, and you will leave a copy with your attorney.

#2: Probating A Will

Probating a will requires paperwork and special regulations that govern how a will must be handled. You will receive a document from the court that was commissioned by your lawyer, and you may go back to your lawyer at any time for further assistance. The letter testamentary must be used as you complete the business of the person who passed away.

You must find a probate attorney who will help you complete your own will or probate someone else’s will. The last will and testament must be managed by a lawyer who understands how to complete each document properly on your behalf.


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Jean Brown, the founding attorney of Jean Brown Law Firm, is a member of the State Bar of Texas, the Texas State Bar Association, and the San Antonio Family Lawyer’s Association. She is licensed to practice in the Western, Eastern, Northern and Southern Federal Districts of Texas, and is a licensed mediator in family law matters. She is also a member of the Order of the Coif and Phi Delta Phi, attorneys’ honor societies.

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