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Drawing Up Your PrenupIn San Antonio

You must select a lawyer in San Antonio who has experience in criminal defense to help you create prenuptial agreements or other contracts. The federal and criminal defense field helps create lawyers who are quite fastidious about contracts, and you must use a lawyer who will help you create an ironclad contract for your own marriage. These agreements may seem silly to an outsider, but these contracts are written for the protection of both parties.

#1: Why Do You Need A Prenup?

The prenup for your marriage must be signed by you and your spouse before the marriage occurs. The document helps divide all the property in the marriage in the event of a divorce, and the prenup prevents months of litigation around a divorce. No one wants to expect that a marriage will end in divorce, but planning ahead will save your family quite a bit of trouble.

#2: Consider The Children

You may choose to write a postnup that helps you care for your children in the event of a divorce. You cannot drag your children through months of proceedings when your postnup will settle the issue for you. Ask your lawyer to draw up a document that makes sense for both of you, and ensure that you have a document any judge would honor.

You have not properly planned for your married life unless you have contacted an attorney about a prenup or postnup. Each document relieves the family of months of strain caused in divorce court.


Jean Brown, the founding attorney of Jean Brown Law Firm, is a member of the State Bar of Texas, the Texas State Bar Association, and the San Antonio Family Lawyer’s Association. She is licensed to practice in the Western, Eastern, Northern and Southern Federal Districts of Texas, and is a licensed mediator in family law matters. She is also a member of the Order of the Coif and Phi Delta Phi, attorneys’ honor societies.

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