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Guardianship law services are often needed in instances where your family must account for a young person who has received a sum from an estate or as a prize. The money much be watched over by an attorney who will hold the cash until the child is old enough to manage the finances on their own, and guardianship may include the full custody of the child. You must find a law office in San Antonio that includes guardianship in their other areas of practice, and you must move to have the paperwork completed at once.

#1: Bring The Case To Your Attorney Immediately

Attorneys have seen several different versions of the same guardianship case, and your lawyer will advise of the situation in your particular case. Every child is different, every sum of money is different and the custody situation for the child may impact how the case is resolved. A judge must sign off on any resolution you create, and your lawyer may need to take the case to court and argue for your solution.

#2: Keeping The Child’s Interests At Heart

Your lawyer will want to speak to the child, and you may need to bring the child to the judge to discuss the situation. Children are informed in the 21st Century, and a judge will take what most children say quite seriously. You must allow your lawyer to schedule the guardianship hearings, file the paperwork and speak with the judge about the status of your particular case.


Jean Brown, the founding attorney of Jean Brown Law Firm, is a member of the State Bar of Texas, the Texas State Bar Association, and the San Antonio Family Lawyer’s Association. She is licensed to practice in the Western, Eastern, Northern and Southern Federal Districts of Texas, and is a licensed mediator in family law matters. She is also a member of the Order of the Coif and Phi Delta Phi, attorneys’ honor societies.

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